Testing and service of power modules + service of central inverters


We service and test central inverter modules.

We service central inverters Siemens, Xantrex, AEG, Conergy, Solarmax

We keep many parts of central inverters in stock (complete power parts of Siemens, CUX cards, PLC, power parts and drivers Solarmax)

We are equipped with an automatic tester for IGBT transistors and an integrated driver.

We test and repair central inverter modules

  • Siemens Sinvert 500M
  • Siemens Sinvert 350
  • Siemens Sinvert 420
  • Siemens Sinvert 500TL
  • Refusol 500 KW
  • Refusol 630 KW
  • Refusol 500K
  • Refusol 630K
  • Refuspb 500 KW
  • Refuspb 630 KW
  • Refuspb 1.0 MW
  • Refuspb 1.3 MW
  • Conergy IPG 110K
  • Conergy IPG 280K

We test the transistor and its internal diodes with a current of up to 1000A on a tester developed by us.

Pressurizing the water cooling system and detecting liquid leaks is a matter of course.

We can measure static and dynamic current on each output branch of the transistor, including all other voltage parameters.

Semikron Module Tester

Pictures from realizations

Power block Siemens 500T, Conergy 280

Inquire about testing and servicing of power modules for central inverters

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