Production of cleaning lasers

We manufacture lasers for industrial cleaning at the customer’s request.

Our products are completely made in the Czech Republic.
We use fiber laser sources from Trumpf.
We are able to supply and control modules for subsequent customer integration for your own cleaning applications.

Machine specifications

Laser type: MZ-100P-W-HS-Z-B-N

Average default power: 100 W

Maximum impulse energy: > 1 mJ

Pulse width: 28-410 nS

Laser operating mode: Continuous / Pulse

Range of wavelengths emitted by laser: 1059 – 1065 nm

Mean wavelength emission value: 1064 nm

Type of laser active environment: active thread

The smallest and longest pulse duration: 28 ns – CW

Average power at the laser output and its divergence: diameter < 7.5 mm

The smallest diameter of the converging beam: < 0.02 mm

Laser source type: fiber

The smallest and largest repetition frequency of pulses: 0 – 1000 KHz

Laser classification: IV

Focal length of the output object: 250 mm


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