We deal with charging infrastructure.

We address the issue of charging and charging stations, the maximum energy use in the context of the limited power reserved from the distribution network and the contribution of the PV plant in the area or the Battery Storage Facility.

Our current projects include the power distribution of several charging stations powered from one mains supply point with the support of PV and Battery Storage.

A typical example of such a collection point is a car service. Power supply 3x400V / 100A.

Because the “more you pay for the fuses”, the higher the lump sum payment, the customer tries to minimize his costs with the smallest possible value of the circuit breaker. However, this value is rarely used typically at the same time as the start-up of several appliances: drives, jacks, air conditioning. If the consumption of several charging stations for electric vehicles were added to the existing consumption, the existing reserved power (3x100A circuit breaker) would not be enough.

This consumption is rarely achieved, so the automation of charging stations and building control is set to use “free, unused power” for charging, and if the consumption of main consumption increases, the charging current of the electric car will be reduced for a moment.

Electric vehicle charging priority.

It can also give priority to one of the charged electric cars according to the entered settings. For example, 3 electric cars are being charged. Two are charged to 60%, the third to 5%. Charging the chargers will give priority to the car, which is without energy, because its energy needs have a higher priority.

Object control in a 15-minute reserved power input

If the building is connected to the HV network, then the regulation is set according to the calculation of the average for 15 minutes and our systems can accurately monitor this maximum and regulate this 15-minute power consumption by reducing consumption, regulating chargers, or supply from PV or battery storage.

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